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Home Exchange

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The real estate market is known for its constant dynamics, presenting several solutions to look to buy a house. Do you want to have a new home, but the prices discourage you?  Among the options available, the sale by barter has gained prominence in recent years, bringing an innovative approach to those who wish to move house.

Home swapping offers a unique opportunity for homeowners to find a mutually beneficial solution, allowing for the realization of a dream without the need to involve (as much) money in the transaction.

The truth is that you don't need any particular reason to want a move, but buying a home through barter means you can find a home that meets your current needs, whether it's in terms of size, location or specific features. for a much more appealing price or, in some cases, in exchange for another property you have that may be of interest to the owner. 

Another option for you to sell your home with total peace of mind: there are home exchange products with some financial institutions. These solutions have some features:

  1. Two properties are given as collateral, which ultimately benefits the relationship between the credit and the guarantee, and may even see all the capital that you need for the new house financed;
  2. For a few years you may have a lack of payment of capital in the credit of the house that you will sell. Thus, your effort rate is not as affected by the existence of two home loans.
  3. This solution also allows you to evaluate the advantage of having your first house rented;
  4. If there are two mortgages, however, you will have to bear increased costs.

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