About Us

About Us

Global X Real Estate

The company is idealized between two entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry. A new vision in the market, uniting marketing as a basic tool for brand expansion and digital as a facilitating tool in business.

Installed in Porto for better logistics, our goal is to make Global X a reference in technology and speed. Provide opportunities for new entrepreneurs to have their own business with a totally innovative model. Our reference is excellence in what we do because we do it with love.

Our clients and consultants are our greatest treasures, clients because they are the ones who motivate us to seek an improvement in our services and our consultants because they are the ones who participate directly in the business and in the relationship with the clients.

We work in the imobliary business, in Brazil managing the family business, and in Portugal we have been doing business for 5 years and working the part of team management, company management part bureaucratic all, training and customer service as a whole.

The will to engage here came to meet the demand and needs of a work in excellence, 100% digital and satisfactory for customers wherever they are.

Our project encompasses a facilitator system that can be accessed anywhere on the globe.

Find the ideal address for your dream;
Successfully follow every step of the process;
Consultants are our greatest treasure and are motivated and recognized to achieve success;
Undertaking with us is much more satisfying.

Maintain tradition and excellence;
Lead the real estate market;
Technological innovation;
Monitoring to overcome bureaucracies;
Strict code of ethics.

Maintain the tradition of a good business;
Confidence in our work;
Credibility in the market for excellence in service