We Advertise or Buy Your Property

We Advertise or Buy Your Property

Global X Real Estate

Once inside our platform, all apartments are evaluated by Global X from criteria such as availability of fractions in the zones, area, parking spaces, value of the condominium, existence of elevator, type of apartment, available views and others for a possible proposal of purchase of Global X itself to the owner by imovel. In this case we offer immediate liquidity.

If it is not in our purchase criteria your property will be widely publicized to be sold as soon as possible.

To really uncomplicate the transactions, we are available to assist at all times of the negotiation, understanding the needs, from the search for apartments, facilitation of financing, legal advice, projects for remodeling.

Pricing of apartments

Global X does not delimit the values of the apartments within the site, except in cases where we are the owners of the property ourselves. But to provide the best buying and selling experience, we offer a sale value suggestion, which may or may not be accepted by the owner in your listing. To define an average value of an apartment, among other factors, Global X considers:

  • Price of comparable real estate in the neighborhood and in the micro-region
  • Price of other properties that Global X has already acquired 
  • Historical market transactions

The owner receives a detailed proposal where he has the guarantee that he is receiving an offer with a fair price and this allows him to decide if he wants to start a sale deal with the assessed value or if he wants to use other criteria to set his own price.